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The problems that people face today are a reflection of their thoughts.

To better understand this life of ours, we must first know where we came from and how we built our civilization so we could learn to live life under a new perspective so that we the people can make the right decisions to solve our problems and those of our society, so that we can then solve the mysteries of life to finally achieve what we want.

At present people perceive the world full of many calamities and above all with much uncertainty. This is due to the worrying deterioration of society, economy and security. The future of the people, as well as that of humanity itself, looks not so clear. This of course can undermine the desire to move forward, because some people think that there is not much that can be done to improve the situation. However, after we know how we got here, our perception of life can be very different. Above all, when we meet Homo Sapiens, our ancestor who achieved the great feat of bringing us here. This wise man built the world in which we live today. For this, he had to go through all kinds of adversity, because the world was not yet made, he had to do it and we inherited it from him to enjoy a much more comfortable life. Therefore, before all the calamities and all the uncertainty of today, we must become Homo Sapiens, wise men again. Wisdom consists in accumulating the necessary knowledge and then using it to improve our lives and ours. That's exactly what Homo Sapiens did. Today we are in better conditions than him to achieve a better life. Yes, we can!

Our books will help you understand the origin and evolution of the universe, the Earth and the life in it. And how that life came out of the ocean to conquer the surface and continued its evolutionary path to form the first reptiles, mammals, primates and finally human beings.

We must also know how our ancestors built this civilization of ours, so we can prevent its collapse.

Once we know how we got here, how our civilization was built and that we have learned to live life under a new perspective, and to plan what we want accomplish in live so we can go there following a straight path without going thru many meanders; then we can be an active part of our society and be able to act to help it through the help we give ourselves to solve our own problems.

We must emphasize that the problems that people face today are a reflection of their thoughts. Therefore, to solve these problems it is necessary to adopt a deeper or more advanced way of thinking. Thoughts make us what we are. People, who have oriented their thoughts towards prosperity, always end up being prosperous. But those who think they are poor, then ... always will be. Both prosperity and poverty are mental conditions. For this reason, we have to direct our thoughts to what we want to achieve and then those same thoughts will take us there. To generate good thoughts, we have to see ourselves and the world around us as it is, without distorting reality to have a more realistic perception of life. To achieve this, it is necessary to review our beliefs and maintain only those rational beliefs that are supported by some evidence. This will help us to be open-minded, without prejudice and to be responsible for shaping our own destiny, which will help us achieve our goals. There is a very close relationship between our beliefs and our thoughts. In fact, we think according to our beliefs, so we always end up believing what we think. So, it is very important to develop a way of thinking that allows us to see and live life under a new perspective. This consists of facing and solving our daily problems, such as financial difficulties and worries; understand how our body and mind work, to be able to be physically and mentally healthy, and thus be able to understand and control our emotions and thoughts. All this will help us achieve the right attitude towards life and achieve personal happiness. Living life under a new perspective also includes the use of the power of the subconscious mind to achieve all the good things for a full life in a more human society.

The following books will help you achieve this purpose:

  • How We Got Here
  • Where This Civilization Is Going
  • Life Under A New Perspective
  • 5 Mysteries Of Life
  • The Meanders Of My Life

What People Say

The books: How We Got Here and Life Under a New Perspective, along with this website have definitely been designed to help us live a better life. Knowing the history of how we got here will help us achieve things just as our ancestors did. Learning how to live life from a new perspective teaches us to achieve the things we want by simply orienting our thoughts towards what we want to achieve.

Ivannia Delgado

The book “Life Under A New Perspective” is an excellent guide for those who are looking for a better understanding on how to manage all that life throws at you. From advice on how to handle your finances, to how to control emotions, I learned a lot from it. Great read.

M. Hernandez

Ivanni Delgado, explains in the book "How We Got Here", in a detailed way, but at the same time simple, didactic and pleasant, how our planet was formed and evolved to this day. On this trip he shows us with the same explanatory focus, how life originated on our planet, and how the transition of living beings from water to populate the earth's surface. Presents with a very own approach and raises some key elements in the evolution of man from its origins to the arrival of modern man. As a closing, it poses possible scenarios of where we are going and what will happen to our planet. I highly recommend reading this book.

Mario Araujo